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Angry Birds Epic; another game from !

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  • Release Date: 2021-11-12T08:52:00Z

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Angry Birds Epic; another game from !

[Angry Birds]


[Angry Birds]

(/software/angry-birds/) ; is a bird-tastic FREE RPG adventure filled with “weapons” (whatever they could get ahold of); magic; bad guys and silly hats! Lead your feathery team into battle now – it’s going to be EPIC!

EPIC BATTLES! Turn-based battles between our heroic flock of warriors and those green snout-nosed scoundrels! It’s easy to play; but difficult to master!

EPIC WORLDS! Explore a fantasy Piggy Island with everything from tribal villages and frosty mountains to tropical beaches and mysterious caves!

EPIC CHARACTERS! Join Red; Chuck; Bomb and the other heroes as they face King Pig; Wiz Pig; Prince Porky and many more villains!

EPIC UPGRADES! Level up your characters; armor; weapons and potions to become a legendary hero ready to take on the mightiest pig warrior!

EPIC WEAPONS! Craft amazing battle-winning weapons like a wooden sword; frying pan or stick thingy with a sponge on top!

EPIC HUMOR! Plenty of offbeat humor and tons of quirky characters dressed in awesomely silly costumes - like a prickly cactus hat and a matching sword.


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