Software Where?

We are Opossum Soft software design and development company. In case you haven’t heard of us in the past, we have recently shifted gears. With our tight knit team, we will be developing software for the future. In recently watching many of Ray Kurzweil’s videos (He’s the “futurist” at Google), I’ve decided that I want to take the company another direction. Iw was bringing you value before with our software deals and finds, but the switch is going to be more impactful in human history.

A few of the technologies we have been blessed to work on, is 3D printing training modules (for US housing markets). Granted we are ahead of this by a longshot, but we are also at the forefront of implementation. We are also going to be partnering with MimicLife Inc. to combine technology and software, with the rapidly growing field of biomimicry. Other fields (trust me, there are many more) that we intend to make waves in, is hologram and eye lens technology as well as self-driving auto’s.

Sometime, you just have to make your mark in history.

With Love,

The Opossum Software Team