Being A Softy

Hey there everyone!

It’s been awhile since we’ve updated to the board. Heres some more info and updates on the software we have promised Y’all…

As you know, our software has taken a different direction. The boardroom and shareholders will still be happy with the decisions. What we intend to do is specific and niche software programs for various solar companies. See this example:

For example the software will be connected to the device hookups for monitoring across solar panels. It will be connected to CRM’s to know when and where to move forward with the warranty and rebate processing. Also, the most interesting of all of the software improvements, comes with the addition of the skyscan technology. This is the software that is used to zoom down onto the roof of potential clients and make sure their roof will qualify.
Get in touch with Aaron Jimenez about rolling out the updates, and the other emails questions you may have. Get in touch at 800- 884-9090 or you can email him here:

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