Innovation Just Cray!

We want to pop the cork on some waves we are making in other areas, that I neglected to mention on the last post.Gps

Indoor GPS: Most of the time when we head to a location that we’ve never been, it is tough to know where to go. But also, these locations like hospitals, large government buildings, malls, corporate offices and many other examples, are mostly locations where the services of an indoor GPS would be necessary. This would most likely be a technology bought out by Waze or Google, if it can be perfected. It wouldn’t be that tough tech wise, but the cost would have to make sense to implement inside the building. It would be a great service and value-add for any large venue. Imagine inviting a large amount of corporate clientele in for a seminar. If you are like any fortune 1000 company, you have many large campus’s. When you are told to meet at building 300, the Steson auditorium, at 3pm, you don’t know where any of this is. It would be nice to not have to worry about where to go, check-in and all that jazz. We will see what comes of this and make it cheap enough for large indoor venues to install.


StressWall: This is an interesting concept we have had for awhile. It will not end up the way that we envision, but the software will be able to make a more legitimate review. Now, we don’t necessarily want to develop a new review site (Yelp or Google) per se, but it was thought. The thought was to have a review site, in which all reviews are negative- you cannot have a positive review. This makes it a lot easier to sniff out the review trolls, just because their can be no fake positive reviews! Plus, human beings are always more worrisome about the negatives than positives. For example, see the following mock reviews:

“Went out to lunch at Walnut Cafe. It was delicious. I would highly recommend to anybody in the area to eat there.” or “We used Nick Poltry wedding photography service. Got every shot we wanted.”

“I didn’t like Tim’s Tacos at all! First, I went to counter and waited in line for 10 minutes- there was one person before me. They were chatting and eating in the back, I could see them. Talk about customer service. I got a taco, it was tiny compared to the price. I ate it, it was OK. I was still hungry, so I got another and somehow the same thing cost more this time? I asked the person about the price difference, from the exact same taco I just got, and he said I was quote , “SOL”. Overall, bad experience. I will just go to Chipotle from now on.

The seconds review, is far more in your face than the first. It tells you the whole story and makes you second guess the place. But still, it is a far cry from legitimate. It could be a competitor, a frequent complainer or just that person’s bad day. Video reviews are becoming more normal as well (With amazon review), but it seems that people are less inclined to video review somewhere, as it creates permanence in that person’s mind. Theres still work to be done, to create the perfect review site- but the main challenge is legitimacy.

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