Did Zuck Take Us For A Ride?

I’m sure that most of you have heard by now, that Mark Zuckerberg and his wife are donating 99.9% of their wealth to charity. It was a news headline this week. They made the news public through a facebook news post. Its was a long post and it concluded with an open letter to their new daughter. It is heartfelt. Really. Most of the open letter to their daughter, was about changing the world. It was saying that they were donating almost all their money to various charitable causes, because they are thinking of the future. Our generations of future children are going to have a horrible world to come in to, if we don’t act, and act quickly. They tackle philosophical ideals, and aim to take down world hunger, poverty, and other grand scale problems. It is a beautiful thing, if it is true.zuck

We are coming to a time and age, where our world billionaires are beginning to really think about the world. it becomes something greater. I get a sense, that many of them are getting that, “With great power comes great responsibility”. Not only this, but it also deals with the way that our media portrays billionaires. They put them in the light of money hungry and greedy tyrants. I think we are beginning to see the opposite. For those who feel that these billionaires are taking us for a ride, you need to see the good that they are doing.

  • Billionaire angel investor Sean Parker recently has stated in multiple interviews, that he is now going to devote most of his time and energy on solving the world’s largest problems. He has begun working on a mobile app to tackle corruption in politics and make the system more transparent. He is also spreading his tentacles into other areas of philanthropy.
  • Elon Musk, another one of the world’s most powerful people, took all of his earnings from the sale of his second big tech startup in Paypal, and immediately invested it into 3 different companies that move humans forward. One of those is Spacex, which will keep up space travel. Solar city aims to rid the world of energy problems by installing solar panels across the US. His last company Tesla, is a full range of electric powered automobiles. He chooses to make huge waves in the world’s biggest problems, by making businesses. Imagine that. The world’s largest problems solved, by evil businesses, portray this way by our mass media providers.
  • Manoj Bhargava, the founder of four hour energy.  We all know and drink those little convenience store energy jolts. What many of us don’t know is just how rich the founder is. He has been said to have $4 Billion dollars in net worth. What surprised me is what he was doing with his money. He is working on developing a vessel, that will float around the ocean and collect water. On the boat will be 400-500 machines that will filter hundreds of thousands of gallons of water at a time. This is his method at solving the fresh water crisis.

In my next post I will come back to Zuckerberg, and show why he does what he did.

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