Software Of The Future!

The future is littered already. Littered with software ideas, we haven’t even gotten to. It truly is, the never ending job, and a never-ending market (until we have robot designed software, for robot gathered data, of robot found problems).  Think about the software, that will be needed in 25 years, when we are 3D printing house, humans, or other robots? Think about the software necessary for brain downloads ( if we choose to start learning by this means which will happen soon), we will need developers to design this. Who will develop the software for the security, for the bank when we invade the moon? That why we are here. Here is the highlight of the areas that we are directly a part of:

3D3D Printing of Houses in US Markets:

Its already here. We are not just talking about small things that we will 3d print, like things under 1 foot, it is not possible with the same technology, to 3D printings as big as a house. In China, they are already doing this. The houses are made of a composite concrete, in which machines go back and forth in layers to lay the foundation. Finish Work is still tough, but laying concrete proves to be a much easier task with a 3D printer. The hard part is that it is all based around a printer like fashion- where it is done in layers.

Check out this guys 3d printed house – (Andrey Rudenko).

Genetic Dieting Software:

We’ve already mapped the human genome. Big whoop. But, what’s coming next? With the technology of the human genome mapping, becoming cheaper and it’s easier to DNA sequence every human, we are arriving at a time in history where we can analyze anyones genetics quickly, and be able to tell them with certainty, the exact diet that they should have. Also, we can tell them what they will be at risk for in the future, in terms of diseases as well.

The company 23andMe has been around for awhile, but was shut down by the US government a few years ago, for giving people information that wasn’t necessarily proven yet by the FDA. It seems that they were a bit too quick on the spot with the claims, and the FDA wanted to get ahold of them before allowing them to deploy it. It has recently relaunched its service, in which you can order a testing kit for near $1000. You send it away and it comes back a month later with an all out mapping of your genetics, and all of these recommendations for you to better live your life.

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