Recent Projects

Other cool software tidbits that we plan to release. It is always unfortunate when technologies completely take out an industry. The truth is, do we feel bad about innovation? The answer is no. For the good of humans, certain jobs need to be gone. Industries need to evolve. Just as the revolutionary war was a defiant change for a country, as business owners and disruptors, we must propose for defiant change in entire market segments. That being said, here are the unique niches that we intend to take over with our technology, and how we are different than the current methods.

Software To Be Developed

  • Touring/Booking Agent Software For Bands: This software that we will design will snap on with current analytics programs.Booking Agent They already tell you where most of your listeners¬†are, and you can plan a tour around this information. It just needs to be synthesized and organized into a program that a band member can do on their own, with little time involved. Their still may be subscription models available, in which they can pay $100/month for our back end band managers or touring agents, and they will choreograph further services for them. It will help the band because they are not paying enormous sums to management from the start, it’s far easier, more hands off and less worrisome.
  • laserReal Time Location Tracking & Analytics: There are a few services that do this already, but they are going about it all wrong in my opinion. They are trying to make it B2C, not B2B, which it should be. Tidbits of information are great for customers, like if there are long lines, if theres
    cover charges to the show or bar they want to go to, which might be an afterthought service. What’s really valuable to a business owner is real-time inside/outside analytics. There are of course, service that track how many people enter and exit a store (Scenetap,¬†Motionloft– Mark Cuban invested in them) but there is far more information that can be tracked. Where do they spend the most time in your store? When do they come in and when do they leave? How much do they spend? How long of a line do you have? Also another key that we want to focus on is, how did they arrive at your location? For example, we are developing the technology to track customer conversion from their home computers, interconnecting all related devices, then putting a map together of how that client arrived at your store, how long they were on your website, and all of the web analytics. It will finally interconnect the real world and web world and measure conversion with advanced tracking.
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